Articles, Reports, Guidelines, and Other Writing

Relevant, Respectful, and Responsive: Government Archives in the 21st Century – An Overview of Cultural Competency in State and Territorial Archives in 2022, March 2022

Choosing an Email Appraisal Approach, November 2021

CoSA PREPARE: Needs Assessment Survey Analysis & Report, September 2021

SERI Strategic Plan, March 2021

Blockchain for Archives FAQs, July 2020

Social Media as State Public Records, May 2020

When to Trust Your Eyes: How to Catch an Altered Image, March 2020

Public Records, Open Records, and Restricted Records, February 2020

CoSA's File Format Guidelines, January 2020

Toward a Common Understanding: Insights on Inter-Agency Electronic Records Transfer, December 2019

State Interagency Electronic Records Transfer Checklist, September 2019

Risk Management and Digital Preservation of State Electronic Records An Overview for the Governor’s’ Office, September 2019

Steps to Preserve State Electronic Records, July 2019

Social Media and Public Records: Developing a Social Media Use Policy, November 2018

First Steps in Managing Records: A Transition Priority, November 2018

State Archiving in the Digital Era: A Playbook for the Preservation of Digital Records, October 2018

Open Digital Preservation Training and Professional Development Opportunities, October 2017

Trends in Digital Preservation Capacity and Practice: Results from the 2nd Bi-annual National Digital Stewardship Alliance Storage Survey, July 2017

Library of Congress Lab: Library of Congress Digital Scholars Lab Pilot Project Report, December 2016

ACCESS Action Plan, November 2015

2015 NDSA National Agenda for Digital Stewardship

2014 NDSA National Agenda for Digital Stewardship

NDSA Storage Report: Reflections on National Digital Stewardship Alliance Member Approaches to Preservation Storage Technologies, June 2013

Aligning National Approaches to Digital Preservation, Organizational Alignment, August 2012

The National Digital Stewardship Alliance Charter: Enabling Collaboration to Achieve National Digital Preservation, October 2009

Content Transfer paper published in Archiving 2009 proceedings

Publications and writings prior to 2009 omitted for brevity